Friday, July 22, 2011

"Breathing Red"

"Breathing Red"

by Amy Pearce
12- 16"x20" (separate paintings)

Acrylic on canvas

$199 (complete set)

No frames necessary
Easy to transport
Light Weight
Nail free hanging (no holes in your walls)

You’re not a boring person- so why should your space be? Having original art is the right thing to do. What better way is there to express your good taste and individuality? Go on.

This is modern art at its finest, and what's more- it's ALL original. That means that no one else will have the same art as you.

Utah artist, Amy Pearce, has created several modern art pieces that can be custom displayed. There is no right or wrong way to display your art. You can hang pieces together as one large piece of artwork, or you can separate pieces to make various smaller pieces of art.

In this piece "Seeing Red", there are 12 separate 16"x20" canvassed paintings that you can uniquely arrange to make your own. Each painting is a different shade of red, each with beautiful depth and vibrancy. (See pictures for example.)

Want a different color or combo? Custom orders are available.

Click here to order.

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