Wednesday, July 20, 2016

GIANT PAINT Slip and Slide - DIY

By Amy Pearce Stone of Her Art from the Attic

I wanted to create a giant slip n' slide, but using only water would not suffice. This needed to be epic. I had to use paint, because ya know--it's me! I wanted color and messiness. Any time messiness can be purposeful and fun, it gets my vote! In this post I'll show you a video of us using the paint slip n' slide, and another video of how to create your own.

Have you ever just wanted to make your whole body glide through paint? Here's a video of my family and friends doing it, here! CLICK THE PIC BELOW to watch the video

Want to create your own paint slip n' slide? CLICK THE PIC BELOW to watch the video tutorial (and read on) to learn how to make your very own.

-Slip n' Slide (you can also use a tarp or painter's plastic). We actually used the back of two discarded billboard vinyls, but those are hard to come by.
-Tempera Paint- whatever colors you want. You'll need tempera paint because it's non-toxic, which is a good idea if you're going to be covered in it. Also, tempera paint washed out of clothes, pretty easily. The bigger your slip n. slide is, the more paint you'll need. I used 20 gallons of paint, for this bad boy. I suggest getting them by the gallon. Wal-Mart sells gallon jugs of tempera paint for around $10.
-Water (it's helpful to have both a hose and water in buckets- you can dilute your paint to make it last longer. However, the less you dilute it, the more colorful you will be after you slide down. If I could've afforded it, I wouldn't have diluted the paint, at all.
-Squirt Guns- I prefer the instant fill kind, so you can suck the paint up and squirt it on the slip n' slide, with speed and ease.
-Goggles- Protect your eyes. You don't want paint in your pretty little peepers!
-Dish Soap (optional)- This will just give you extra speed and a nice slimy glide.

What do you wear? Whatever you want, really. Some of our crowd wore swimming suits so their glide would be less encumbered, and some wore white shirts so they could see the colors of the paint. I don't know that I'd recommend one over the other. You'd probably want to steer clear of rough of bulgy clothing, that may slow you down or give you a lumpy ride.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

My New Love

Hey guys! 

I just wanted to share some of my happiness with you all. After a few challenging years full of disappointment, surprise, and heartache...and a lot of learning, growth and love--I found the love of my life. His name is Nate, and he is the kindest, most gentle, funny, positive, supportive, encouraging, forgiving, thoughtful, intelligent, humble...and, of course, the most handsome man I know. He's filled my life with light and smiles. We are getting married next month and I couldn't be happier! I even got and get to fall in love with his 3 kids, too. Manny (my baby) is as in love with Nate and his children, as I am. We are so happy!

I wish you all the same level of joy, and after a lot of trial and error in my life, I think I found the secret to finding an amazing relationship. I hope you don't mind me sharing that with you: First, try your best to be the kind of person you want. Be gentle, patient, and understanding with yourself in your shortcomings, and just keep trying. Second: Find the miracles in the madness. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for--and I mean ALWAYS. Count your blessings instead of cataloging the obstacles. Third: believe you are worth it. You will attract good, positive and happy things/people to yourself. Life won't be perfect, but there will be joy.

I love you all!